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Glenn Brome


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Schuyler, Virginia, United States
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Glenn Brome consistently ignites his audiences with high-energy presentations filled with humor in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. His extensive knowledge and experience with groups of any size accelerates participant learning and creates a Significant Learning Event (SLE) each time he speaks.

Glenn pulls from his solid background as a leader in motivating people to achieve superior results. He has 'real world' operating experience in senior leadership roles in both Retail and Human Resources. ...

. . . My teams have directly benefited from the interventions you provided. We all gained incredible insights into ourselves and our interactions with the DiSC Dimensions of Behavior sessions--team building and related discussions . . .

Juan Brea - American Express

. . . session either excellent or very good. Which for that group is no small feat! The individual feedback I have personally received has been glowing . . .

Laura A Sullivan - Davidson Hotel Company

Everyone I spoke to afterwards thought your presentation incredibly valuable & fun. Several thought the entire company would have benefited, and I don't disagree . . .

Karen Molosky - Jack Morton

. . . I got rave reviews from unsolicited sources about the seminar that Glenn conducted yesterday and I know first hand the high quality of the product that you delivered . . .

Ben Landrum - Verizon Communications

What I found especially effective was how the training you outlined and delivered was totally integrated. This provided not only a complete process for my management team, but also a very viable blueprint for our frontline employees.

Johnny Rivers - Shanks Steakhouse

. . . Conference attendees learned how to "work across generations" in an interactive theatrical session with Glenn Brome and Dramatic Solutions Interactive Business Theater . . .

Event Chair - CUPA-HR College & University Professional Association for Human Resources
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