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Glenn Brome

Glenn Brome consistently ignites his audiences with high-energy presentations filled with humor in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. His extensive knowledge and experience with groups of any size accelerates participant learning and creates a Significant Learning Event (SLE) each time he speaks.

Glenn pulls from his solid background as a leader in motivating people to achieve superior results. He has 'real world' operating experience in senior leadership roles in both Retail and Human Resources. His most notable employer was the Walt Disney World Company where he also coached top executives to realize a vision of change and high performance.

The audiences he has inspired range from American Express to Campbell Soup Company, IBM to the United States Postal Service, Verizon to Walt Disney World Co., just to name a few.

Bring new life and clarity to your next session with Glenn Brome.

A message from Glenn Brome

I have always had a need to help and inform people. I'm the guy people ask where things are when I'm in a store - any store. Maybe it's because my ears "perk-up" when I hear someone is looking for something...

I guess it's that need I have to inform and advise people that has guided me to professional speaking. It was at the urging of many of my co-workers that initially moved me from a line position to Human Resources. This was mainly because I was always interested in helping people understand.

It's that inner need to facilitate people's understanding that allows me to share my knowledge and experiences with audiences of all types - to help them see themselves and also see their way to perform better. My goal is to help individuals and teams work together more productively by focusing on Managing Diversity, Understanding Behavioral Styles and learving how to Deliver Outstanding Customer Service.

I connect with my audiences by using humor, interactive techniques and my background to resonate with their corporate reality. I continually fill in the gaps or identify the "Missing Links" for my attendees by speaking to each of them individually, which creates an SLE for virtually every participant.

Once again, I am being moved, this time to complete my book on Leadership - because what I have learned from the corporate world, heard from thousands of my participants, and understand and wish to communicate is that it all comes back to Leadership.

Not Right - Not Wrong - Just Different

Bringing B.S. (Behavioral Style) to Life Which of these phrases do you most relate to?

  • My way or the highway!
  • I'll get the job done, but let's have fun doing it!
  • Can't we all just get along?
  • If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing right the first time!
  • ...Some people are easy to connect with...while with others, we struggle to develop a positive rapport... Suppose you could understand what motivates people with styles and personalities different from yours. This session will help individuals and teams see people more clearly from the other person's perspective. Participants will...
  • Explore personal strengths and areas of opportunity for their particular behavioral style
  • Understand the motivation of people with styles (personalities) different from theirs
  • Learn ways to easily communicate more effectively with task-focused as well as people-focused individuals
  • Quickly recognize the different behavioral tendencies of fast-paced vs. deliberate paced individuals
  • Discover new connections with others by adapting to their behavioral styles (personalities)

EiEmotional Intelligence

Be more Aware of their Emotions and how to better handle themselves in Stressful Situations

• Practice Responding Intentionally rather than Reactively

• Learn how to Visualize the Achievement of a Goal and take the necessary steps to get there

• Maintain Personal Motivation

• Explore the Benefits of Exercising Empathy

• Have more Productive Relationships


This ain't no 80s sensitivity training - It's about practical, sensible leadership techniques that apply in today's world.

Why being P.C. does not work!

An enlightening program that heightens individual and team awareness of the power of perception and how to create an inclusive environment

In addition to pracitcal tips and tools, participants will get answers to questions like:

  • Where do I draw the line with people who are too sensitive?
  • How can I better lead people from other generations?
  • Why am I still told that 'the next one you hire better be a ______'?
  • What's the difference between diversity and an inclusive environment?
  • How can I separate my preferences from bona fide requirements?

Service Urgency!

Creating outstanding performance in management and at the front line This is the session where you learn...

  • Why you should 'treat people like dogs'
  • How to define reality - gather, share and measure relevant data for your team
  • What to do with a whale with a bad attitude
  • The role of autonomy in 'defining the playing field'
  • Infuse new "URGENCY" into every single service provider in your organization! Participants will...
  • Learn to develop and maintain a continual focus on service - internally and externally
  • Effortlessly handle 'irate' customer situations
  • Practice how not to say No
  • Want to put fun back into providing service
  • Take ownership for displaying a sense of service urgency in their area of responsibility

Glenn Brome
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Glenn Brome

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