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Giovanni Livera


Giovanni Livera is a celebrator of human spirit and human potential - a creator of meaningful experiences who transforms companies and peoples' lives through the understanding that Anything is Possible.

Giovanni's unparalleled ability has made him one of the most sought after motivational speakers in America, and his spectacular message has electrified over half of the country's ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • Anything is Possible

    Motivation – Mind Opening – Energizer This is a speech to position as the opener or closer for your special event. ... View More

  • C.O.E.--Creator of Experiences

    A Powerful Perspective on the Customer Experience Empower your people to take ownership and improve the delivery of ... View More

  • Evening of Astonishment

    Magic – Comedy – Entertainment Tantalizing sleight of hand and uproarious audience participation all conspire to ... View More

  • Live a Thousand Years

    Success – Life Balance – Fulfillment Imagine living each day of your life to its very fullest, to a point where the ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Giovani delivers the ultimate gift of motivation in his "Anything is Possible" presentation. Unlike most motivational speakers in the business world, Giovanni uses humor and M.A.G.I.C. to inspire the crowd.
  • Detta C. Honaman, Customer Account Manager - Fannie Mae
Keynote $15,000.00
Half Day $22,500.00
International Keynote $22,500.00
Full Day $25,000.00
Giovanni Livera travels from Orlando, Florida and requires First class for 1

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