Recovery Hardware

The 2021 National Recovery Month theme, “Recovery is For Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community,” reminds people in recovery and those who support them that no one is alone on the journey towards recovery.



When Logan Hardware opened in March of 2003, I had no idea that the word recovery would come to mean so many things to me.


First, we had the pleasure of watching Logan Circle triumph over decades of neglect after the 1968 riots destroyed so much of this beloved neighborhood. The once abandoned 14th Street corridor is now a vibrant place to be and be seen. This community gave us our start, made us feel welcome, and has supported us every step of the way.


Second, I found my life’s passion. I like to think I recovered from being a tech reject – laid off three times in three years in the boom-and-bust days. I went from software to hardware and found my true calling as a member of the Ace Hardware Cooperative.


The third and most important thing that happened was finding an amazing group of people, many in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, who toiled alongside me to help build this wonderful business. We grew places to work while they recovered their lives.


Mark W (pictured above) was one of those people. He joined us in 2004 and (thank goodness!) has never left. Several years ago, he told me that we are known as Recovery Hardware in the community, and I was left speechless – prouder than I could ever be that a nuts-and-bolts seller could achieve such a reputation.


According to Mark, “Recovery Month takes recovery out of the shadows. Recovery is a gift, a gift that people need to know is out there and possible for anyone. It has given me a life that I could not have imagined - a life of connection. Today, I have meaningful intimate relationships, purpose - a life second to none”.


Recovery doesn't fit into a neat box; it doesn't happen overnight, nor is there a singular or simple cure. I do know that it takes a tremendous amount of effort and support and if a hardware store can help, I’m on board. I’ve learned enough from my teammates in their recovery efforts to write a book about our experiences - and so I am. Aptly titled Recovery Hardware, I hope to extend the power and message of National Recovery Month to be more than just a month; to tell the stories of inspiring teammates who helped build this business while rebuilding their lives. I can’t wait to share it with you.

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