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Erma Stewart: A Visit With Eleanor Roosevelt

Erma Stewart

...portraying women who changed the world...

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
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Erma Stewart is well-known for portraying women who changed the world. She brings her historical personages to audiences with humor, inspiration, and insight. Audiences often proclaim that they feel as if they have been transported to that presence and time in history.

An outstanding student of speech at Southwest Missouri State University, Erma was a West Point National Debater as well as a winning speaker and actress. She earned her MA in studies of rhetoric at the University of Oklahoma. She ...

You were great! Although I have seen your performance before, I am always amazed that you include new information in every presentation! Your portrayal of Mrs. Roosevelt is always interesting. I hope I have an opportunity to see your performances again.

Dr. Diana Campo - President, AAUW of Oklahoma

Your presentation was really terrific. Your research and preparation are obvious as you assume the character of Eleanor. Answering questions in her "persona" was superb! I had looked forward to hearing your program and it was even better than expected.

Julie Hovis - co-owner/manager of Best of Books

I felt like I was in the presence of Eleanor. All of the wonderful comments I had heard about your portrayal of Eleanor were true! Many positive comments were made about your performance as I left the Club.

Marguerite Ross - Union Bank of Oklahoma

The Heart of the Party Federation of Democratic Women would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to you for presenting Eleanor Roosevelt at our Champagne Brunch . . . Everyone absolutely enjoyed you! You made our brunch a perfect success.

Nancy Turner - President, Tulsa Branch of Heart of the Party Federation of Democratic Women
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