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Erick Erickson

Erick Erickson Erick Erickson

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The Atlantic magazine did a lengthy profile of Erick Erickson in 2016, calling him one of the most influential conservatives in America. Erick is the Editor of The Resurgent, a Fox News Contributor, and host of his own number one rated radio program on the nation's most listened to news/talk station, WSB Radio out of Atlanta. Occasionally, Rush Limbaugh lets him fill in. When not working or with his family, Erick is working on his Masters of Divinity Degree at Reformed Theology Seminary. He is frequently read and cited by leaders of both political parties.

In his latest book, Before You Wake, Erick leaves politics behind and addresses his near death experience during the height of the 2016 campaign season. Writing letters to his children, he focuses on what they and others should know about faith, family, and friendship, in addition to all his family's favorite recipes. Erick regularly travels the world speaking on American politics, faith issues, and the intersection of faith and politics in America today. In addition to speaking, Erick occasional preaches drawing on his seminary education. Erick is also the author of You Will Be Made to Care, a timely book on rising Christian persecution in America.

The Hollywood Reporter describes Erick as "the most influential conservative blogger on the Internet." London's Telegraph ranks Erick in the top 100 most influential conservatives in America. Atlanta magazine put Erick on the October 2015 cover, listening him as one of the most influential and powerful people in Atlanta, Georgia. For six years, Erick practiced law focused on corporate transactions and estates, with side focuses in both election law and indigent criminal defense. For three years Erick was a political commentator for CNN and was Editor of for more than a decade prior to starting The Resurgent.

Erick lives in Macon, Georgia with his wife and two children where he's far more likely to be discussing cooking or bourbon than politics.