Emma Mae McDaniel | Social Media Influencer, Host of the “Have You Heard?” Podcast

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Emma Mae McDaniel

Social Media Influencer, Host of the “Have You Heard?” Podcast

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Emma Mae McDaniel

We all long to be confident and know where our worth is found. To satisfy this longing, we look to people’s opinions, a new romance, or our own successes, and yet, we still find ourselves insecure and discontent. We find ourselves in this place because if our confidence is in these things, then when they let us down, our confidence goes down with them. When people don’t like us, there goes our confidence. When the romance disappoints, our contentment fades. When we fail, our stability is shaken. 

Emma Mae has discovered the freedom and confidence and joy that comes from walking in a genuine relationship with God and submitting to His Word. Through experiencing intense bullying and immense praise, she has found that what God says of her is what keeps her steady when the opinions of people are unsteady. Even though it has attracted mockery from many, she has learned to be unashamed of the joy of the Lord because she knows it is the Spirit of God within her. She has found that whatever her circumstance, she can be content because joy is found in the presence of God - not in a certain circumstance. From personally experiencing life-change through knowing God, she is passionate about seeing others experience this life-change too. Her mission is to help people know God, equip them with His Word, and disciple them to live a life compelled by His love.

She is a speaker, social media influencer, podcast host, and author. Traveling to speak God's Word excites her to the core and she stewards her social media platform to reach and encourage people all over the globe. The "Have You Heard?" podcast, with over 5 million listens, releases an episode weekly where Emma Mae creates a space to help people hear God's Word and grow in their faith. Her books, "Be Loved", "All-Caps You", and "You Are", were written with the purpose of equipping young women to live the life they were made for through genuinely knowing the God who made them.

Emma Mae McDaniel
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Confidence in Scripture
Knowing and Applying the Word of God

One of the biggest struggles among Christians today is not knowing how to read and live out God’s Word. Through seasons of middle school, high school, college, dating, friendships, engagement, marriage, post grad, and now motherhood, Emma Mae has experienced God’s Word guide her, comfort her, and strengthen her over and over again. It has not simply been through knowing God’s Word that Emma Mae has found joy and freedom, but through applying His Word to her daily life. She encourages and equips people to know God more through knowing and living out His Word.

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Emma Mae McDaniel

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