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Drew Dudley NSB, leadership, management, culture Drew Dudley NSB, leadership, management, culture

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Drew is one of my all-time favorite guest speakers. If you like seeing head nods, laughter, tears and the inevitable standing ovation from your group, then Drew is your guy! No speaker has been easier to work with or cares more about the audience. A master storyteller, his content is powerful and super easy to implement into your personal and professional life.
John Pouliot, Director of Global Events and Trade Shows - Monster
Most great speakers have a schtick but Drew has soul. His talk brought many folks here to tears and uplifted us all. A year later, his message seems to have become an enduring part of our culture.
Glenn Kelman, CEO - Redfin
There is no doubt in my mind that Drew is one of the most articulate, interesting and inspirational speakers I've ever heard. I have attended conferences from California to London to Beijing, but I have never heard a speaker who can captivate and motivate an audience like Drew.
Dr. Brian Harrington - Oxford University (United Kingdom)
"When Drew was selected to be our keynote speaker I never expected to receive life-changing words, but I did - we all did Drew is engaging, thought-provoking, and will change your life, too."
Maj. General Erika Steuterman (Ret.) - USAF
Every once in a while, a speaker comes along that challenges your mind and touches your heart. Someone who you are better off having seen. Drew is that speaker.
Doug Scholz - California Grocers Association
I don't normally do this, but we have never had a keynote speaker that everyone ranked so high in our evaluations! [Drew] ranked 5.30 out of 5.00 on the evaluations!
Halton Industry Education Council
He was just so REAL. He did not present like a lecturer with all the answers talking down to his audience. He was on everyone's level, speaking like a friend who was sharing his experiences, his knowledge and ways that he has found to be a successful person; to be a real leader. Lots of takeaways, lots of thought-provoking stories, lots of ways to make a difference in people's lives--every Day One we take the chance.
Leslie Paige Wolfson, Executive Director - Association Of Corporate Counsel New Jersey