Dr. Ron Large

Dr. Ron Large

Reaching the most challenging students and Author of "Larger Lessons"

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Orlando, FL, United States
About Dr. Ron Large

Ron Large is an author, consultant, school leader and dynamic presenter. His powerful and passionate message on building relationships, creating climate, engaging students, and what it takes to be an irreplaceable teacher, has influenced and empowered thousands of teachers and administrators throughout country.

Dr. Large's experience as a teacher and administrator, coupled with a formal education that includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, and both a Master of Science and ...

Ron Large's inspiring story of a teacher-student connection that crosses barriers of age, economics, culture and color comes straight from the heart. And heart is the key to his success.

LouAnne Johnson - Author of Dangerous Minds and Teaching Outside the Box

At a time when public education is under unprecedented assault, Larger Lessons is powerful affirmation of the indispensability of public education and the heroes like Ron Large who devote their lives to it.

Greg Dawson - Orlando Sentinel Columnist
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