Doug Waltman | Delivers Practical Ideas and Applications to Organizations Through His Relaxed Facilitation Style, Creating High Levels of Participant Engagement and Interaction.

Doug Waltman

Delivers Practical Ideas and Applications to Organizations Through His Relaxed Facilitation Style, Creating High Levels of Participant Engagement and Interaction.

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Doug Waltman

For over 30 years, Doug Waltman has built his career around his passion for training and leadership development. In 2008, Doug established the Leadership Institute of Kansas City. The LI-KC provides leadership development programs and assessments, leadership coaching and keynote presentations. In addition, the LI-KC works with organizations to assess leadership development needs and support the customization of leadership development practices and programs that make a difference. Prior to establishing the LI-KC, Doug was part of the Applebee's International executive team. During that time, he served as the Vice President of Training and Development. In addition, Doug was instrumental in establishing the Applebee's Leadership Institute (ALI) and became the first Dean of the ALI. Prior to Applebee's International, Doug was the Vice President of Human Resources and Training for H&R Block and served as a member of the executive committee. Other positions include the Director of Training for Westlake Ace Hardware, Director of Training Resources for Cone Resource Group, and a variety of positions in human resources and operations management with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. As a facilitator and consultant, Doug has worked with a wide range of private and public sector organizations. In addition to his extensive work within the Applebee's restaurant system, other clients have included Brinker International, Promega, Red Robin, HNTB, TranSystems, Redemption Plus, Ash Grove Cement, University of Missouri and Westlake Ace Hardware. With his unique experience of serving on senior management teams and working as a facilitator/consultant for a wide range of organizations, Doug's sessions deliver practical ideas and applications. In addition, his relaxed facilitation style creates high levels of participant engagement and interaction. In fact, over 90% of participants in Doug's sessions have evaluated the value of content and quality of facilitation as top box. Doug received his undergraduate degree from the University of Missouri - Columbia and his MBA from the University of Kansas. He has been married to his wife Dawn for 25 years and has two children, Erica and Paige. Doug fills his spare time serving in a variety of leadership positions with Boards and volunteer organizations, playing golf with his wife and pounding the pavement training for his next running event.

Emotional Intelligence

Session explores how emotional intelligence is the key factor in distinguishing outstanding performers in organizations. The session covers the key E.I. behaviors and provides the opportunity for participants to apply the concepts to both their personal and professional lives.

The Leader as Coach

Session discusses how leaders can more consistently support top performance by others through the use of coaching skills. The program provides the opportunity for participants to practice coaching skills with each other during the program and identify ways to improve their coaching skills in any relationship.

Answering Your Call

This session discusses how each of us is called to particular roles in our life. Participants will identify the key roles in their life, evaluate their success in those roles and determine ways to further strengthen their callings within those roles.

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Doug Waltman

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