Don Hutson

Don Hutson NSB Don Hutson NSB

Don Hutson Speech Topics

Selling Value
•Tactics for building immediate Trust and Rapport •How to be Outstanding! The 7 Keys to differentiation to BLAST by your competitors •Re-margin your Profit Zone: Build Value-rather than cut price! •Do you have what it takes? Attributes of consistent high performers •Learn the latest skills of...
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How to Negotiate to Preserve Margin & Get Your Price
• Succeeding in a life filled with Negotiations • The rampant disease of "Negotiaphobia" and the 3-Step E-A-S-Y Process to Treat it • The Four Viable Negotiation Strategies -when and how to use each • The Tactic of Compromise and how to deal with it
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The One Minute Entrepreneur
•The "Five P's" for Solid Results (Principles, Passion, Profit, People, Priorities) •How Differentiation helps you be their best choice •Today’s Keys to Success in Business •The Attributes of Entrepreneurial Leaders •How to Turn Success Into Significance
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Twenty-first Century Leadership
•Creating a break-through high performance team •5 Powerful Leadership Strategies that Work •Coaching – focused Intensity for Outstanding Results •The Secrets of Exceptional Managers : Managing Different People Differently •Leadership Style: Earning Loyalty from your Producers
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