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Dexter Godfrey Speech Topics

Fearless Success over Cancer
Dexter was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the early age of 41. But Dexter refused to let cancer kill his dream of motivating an inspiring others to help them realize Cancer is not the end of the story. Dexter will: -While we all have fear, we can choose to be FEARLESS over cancer! - Share his...
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Fearless Success in Overcoming Fear and Doubt
Practical Ways on How to Overcome Fear and Doubt • Fear in one form or another can often serve as the driving force behind failed dreams. • Fear and doubt have crippled many hopes and dreams. • One of the most serious threats to the entrepreneurial spirit is fear and doubt. • Dexter through his...
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Fearless Success in Communication
Do You Want to Build Your Business and Generate More Income? Do You Want to Connect to Your Customers and Clients So They’ll Keep Coming Back When They Want Your Products or Services? Do You Have a Hard Time Working with Difficult Clients and Co-Workers? In today’s market, the key to meeting...
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