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Known as America's Fearless Success Speaker, Award winning speaker Dexter Godfrey is highly sought after by CEO's and companies across the country. His engaging, yet practical style has earned him invitations as keynote speaker in various business arenas.

Dexter is the founder and CEO of the Leadership and Sales Academy, a company specializing in leadership, sales, and personal development training of individuals and organizations.

Dexter's most important goal is to add value to people. He does this by helping individuals and organizations to achieve their personal and business goals in a practical, systematic way that produces immediate change and long term results.

He has personally trained and consulted more than 10,000 individuals and sales organizations to achieve over 100 million dollars in sales. Dexter continues to captivate the hearts of many diverse groups of people as he propels them to reach their maximum potential.

In addition, he is a certified speaker, professional coach, mentor, and founding member of the John Maxwell Team. He offers his clients entertaining, yet truthful leadership principles that encourage people to overcome their fears and pursue their destiny.

Dexter speaks from his heart and connects with his audience. One of Dexter's most requested speeches and workshops, Overcoming Fear and Doubt, demonstrates the importance of dealing with and overcoming major challenges.

Diagnosed with prostate cancer at the early age of 41, Dexter shares with his audience personal setbacks and the battles he faced to come out victoriously. Although devastated by the news, Dexter took the advice he's often told his audiences, "Make a plan, take action, and enjoy the amount of time you have left, no matter how long it is with the right attitude!"

Whether Dexter speaks to his audiences on surviving prostate cancer, overcoming fear and doubt, dynamic communication, or how to offer excellent customer service, he brings them a fresh, new perspective with practical principles and action steps that they can immediately apply to their lives.

If you are seeking an encouraging, engaging speaker who can motivate and inspire others to greatness, Dexter Godfrey is the individual who will provide an unforgettable experience and a personal message that will impact mindsets, instill hope, and influence your organization.

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