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Dexter Godfrey

America's Fearless Success Speaker

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Hampton, Virginia, United States
About Dexter Godfrey

Known as America's Fearless Success Speaker, Award winning speaker Dexter Godfrey is highly sought after by CEO's and companies across the country. His engaging, yet practical style has earned him invitations as keynote speaker in various business arenas.

Dexter is the founder and CEO of the Leadership and Sales Academy, a company specializing in leadership, sales, and personal development training of individuals and organizations.

Dexter's most important goal is to add value to people. He does ...

He not only is a great speaker, but he took the time to speak to several of us to understand our organization and the issues we face. e not only got a great speaker, but one that adapted himself to become one of us for that hour.

Janie Lawson CTIS - Virginia Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus

Dexter, you better pay attention to him. He is going to lead you and he is going to change this world. Remember my name is John, and I'm your friend.

John C. Maxwell - The John Maxwell Team
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