Devin Siebold | Finding Laughter in Life and Lessons

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Devin Siebold

Finding Laughter in Life and Lessons

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Devin Siebold
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Laughter in the Lesson

There is a science behind laughter, and this veteran stand up comedian has mastered it. Now, imagine being able to bottle that energy, positivity and feel-good vibe that you get a comedy show, and channel it into your classroom, workplace or everyday life. It’s easier than you think. Devin delivers a comedy-filled message that puts the power of the punchline into the hands of the staff in a way that benefits the entire school. Better mental health, lower turnover rate, improved classroom participation and a massive drop in disciplinary issues. All of these have proven real-world demonstrations that Devin experienced in his classroom, and can pass on to you!

Putting the “Social” back in Social Media

Devin tackles the unspoken realities of technology in the lives of teachers and the students. He tackles how online use is contributing to an increase in depression and how we, as teachers, can use Social Media for Inspiration, not Expectations. The online communities offer so many benefits to everyone in education, and Devin is going to show you how to tap into that, with his usual humor in full force.

Learning from The Kids

As teachers, it is our instinct to talk and teach. But how much do we miss out on when we don’t take the time to listen? Students have a story to tell, and can show us new ways to look at the world, and the curriculum, if we just give them the opportunity. Instead of telling you what to teach, this will show teachers how to learn from the kids and the parents and create a more effective learning environment for everyone. And yes, the jokes never stop in this topic, either!

Crying in My Car
A Podcast for Teachers Live

Devin brings his #1 rated podcast live to your event and will do a full extended episode along with crowd participation and Q and A.

Devin Siebold Live

Wanting something less serious and more to let the teachers kick back and laugh for an hour and a half? Devin performs his full routine as a stand up comedian tackling growing up in Florida, the life of a teacher, and dealing with “those” parents. It is laugh a minute stand-up comedy in the truest of forms with zero motivation, and 100% tear-inducing laughter.

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Devin Siebold

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