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Devin Siebold

Devin Siebold, Education k-12 Education, education, comedy Devin Siebold, Education k-12 Education, education, comedy

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This is the one your staff have been waiting for! It is long overdue to bring some laughter and infectious positivity to those traditionally dull and uninformed keynotes and professional developments in schools. Teachers will recognize Devin as the hilarious comedian from Tik Tok, Youtube, and Facebook, including headlining the popular Bored Teachers National Comedy Tour, and administrators have come to know him as the "best speaker we've had in all my 30 years." Devin delivers the non-stop laughs, and shows teachers how laughter can not only change their mindset, but also the mindset of those around them. He discusses building classroom community around humor, the science of healing and mental-wellness through laughter, and even gives a powerful lesson on conquering negativity. Over a decade of award winning, clean stand-up comedy experience along with 13 years as a highly effective teacher in Title I schools, combine to create a relatable, real, and ridiculously funny experience the faculty won't forget. THIS is the speaker the teachers need and deserve, delivering the enduring keynote that all the admin and conferences rave about.