Desi Williamson

Desi Williamson NSB, leadership, marketing, motivational, sales, Top 10 Real Estate, Motivation, overcoming adversity, change Desi Williamson NSB, leadership, marketing, motivational, sales, Top 10 Real Estate, Motivation, overcoming adversity, change

Desi Williamson Text Reviews

It's not often that I see both the attendees and corporate staff equally moved by the speaker's words. Without a doubt, I saw all of those in your presence sit a little taller in their chairs once you were finished! You were a delight on stage and off.

Amy Plaisted - Spectrum Event Management

Your speech was entertaining, empowering, and left our attendees with a very positive outlook. Desi, you definitely 'live with an impact' and I know our attendees use your message to "get off their assets!'

Darnette Holbert - Blockbuster Entertainment

You were entertaining and motivational and our clients could not stop talking about your energy and enthusiasm. Your positive outlook and dynamic persona were an inspiration and will permanently 'impact' our clients' daily lives.

Debbie Lockwood - CheckFree

Your presentation was humorous, motivating and inspiring. I find myself using the word "absolutely!" a lot more and every time I do, I think of your presentation.

James Eggers - Arthur Anderson

Your creativity, enthusiasm and commitment to delivering a message that complemented the goals of our meeting, and the Association, were impressive.

James Gallisdorfer - American Diabetes Association

WOW! On behalf of my team at ACDelco, thank you for the outstanding job you did at our recent meeting. You did your homework and delivered just the right message in helping us launch this most important initiative that is critical to our future success.

Marlyn Bridges - ACDelco

I knew you had hit the mark with our employees when individual employees took the time to come to your personally and thank you for your presentation. When you can reach employees like that, you know you've done your job!

Maureen Kerr - Sycuan Resort & Casino

As I'm sure you can imagine, many of our staff members are recalling and absolutely enjoying the residual thought from your speech. You are a gifted man and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to cross paths with you.

Paul Horgen - IBM Mid-American Employees Federal Credit Union

WOW! Mr. Impact is exactly right. Your ability to customize your presentation to the needs of our organization was awesome. It was entertaining, inspirational, and most of all motivating. I can sum you up in one word . . . ABSOLUTELY!

Peter Roberts - HHG Sales

You delivered everything we asked for and more at our annual Sales Kickoff meeting. 'Get Off Your Assets' was inspiring, humorous and just the right message to launch us into our new year.

Phil Seipp - Sysco Minnesota

I've attended many functions over the years and Desi has an impact on the audience that I rarely see. He has the ability to engage the audience with not only his story, but also his message.

Randy Flores - Washington Mutual Bank

Thank you for such a stellar performance at our recent GM conference. Your presentation was truly motivational and certainly had the attention of everyone present. Long story short, you definitely made an IMPACT.

Rick Shultz - Hilton Hotels Corporation

Your enthusiasm and passion for what you believe in was evident in your speech and delivered with a powerful punch! Not only did you captivate and entertain the audience but also I truly felt your message was impressive and well-received.

Todd Maul - Auto Nation