Debbie Allen | International Professional Speaker 20+ Years , CSP: Certified Speaking Professional with NSA, Bestselling Author of 8 Books

Debbie Allen

International Professional Speaker 20+ Years , CSP: Certified Speaking Professional with NSA, Bestselling Author of 8 Books

Debbie Allen

Debbie Allen has achieved the honor of CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) by the National Speakers Association and International Speakers Federation, making her one of the top professional women speakers worldwide. She has been a professional business speaker for 23 years and has presented before thousands of people in 28 countries around the world.

Debbie is an award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author of 8 books. She has also been featured in four motivational movies and dozens of publications including Entrepreneur Magazine, Personal Branding, Sales & Marketing Excellence, Forbes, The Washington Post and USA Today.

Debbie has built and sold 6 million-dollar companies in diverse industries and was a self-made millionaire by the age of 30. Today, she is known as "The Market Positioning Expert." As an international business and brand strategist and professional speaker. She supports her audiences with decades of entrepreneurial wisdom, innovative marketing and sales strategies, and powerful motivation to move businesses to the next level of success.

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Magnifing Your Success with Shameless Self-Promotion

Discover the secrets to effective self-promotion and learn how it will dramatically increase your opportunities and income with easy to implement ideas. Learn how to magnify your marketing efforts, build strong strategic alliances, creating more referrals, get dynamic testimonials and tons of free publicity.

Did you know that 87% of our population does NOT feel comfortable promoting themselves? That means that too many people are missing out on opportunities to connect with prospective clients and to expand their business success. This presentation will help you to understand the behavioral science behind effective self-promotion and why it is crucial to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace.

This presentation is based on the award-winning book authored by Debbie Allen, Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters ™. This book has been featured as business book of the month in Entrepreneur Magazine and has opened up the eyes of thousands of people in 10 countries around the world.

Skyrocketing Sales

During this thought-provoking and fun presentation you will be motivated to boost your sales confidence, sell more effectively and exceed your sales goals! Discover the amazing power of your subconscious mind and learn how to expand your beliefs to reach your peak potential. Also discover science of self-promotion and how to use it effectively to build success.

This presentation will help you to avoid sales frustration by eliminating traditional sales pressure that turns customers away. You will discover how to build your prospect’s trust quicker with customer-focused, integrity-building, service-oriented sales strategies.

In addition, you will learn what prevents most salespeople from initiating more sales opportunities and how to attract more customers fast.

Go For It! How to Create Unstoppable Business Success

During this motivational keynote presentation you will discover innovative success building insights and powerful tools for unstoppable business growth.

Everyone has opportunities, but highly successful people trust in their instinct and wisdom and simply make things happen. During this presentation you will discover these skills and strategies and learn how to implement them you’re your everyday business practices.

Learn how to build more powerful business relationships, get more business from existing customers, promote yourself more effectively and differentiate yourself in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Thriving in Today's Highly Competive Marketplace

During this information-packed and high-energy presentation you will discover a wealth of proven success strategies to help grow your business to the next level.

Learn how to go from surviving to thriving in the changing and growing marketplace. Discover how to attract customers like crazy with innovative marketing strategies. Learn how to dramatically increase sales and build profits with a more focused and systemized approach to your business.

Debbie Allen
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Debbie Allen

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