David Finch

David Finch ASPERGER SYNDROME, education David Finch ASPERGER SYNDROME, education

David Finch Bio

David Finchis a humorist and author of the acclaimed New York Times best-selling memoir, The Journal of Best Practices. Married in 2003 and diagnosed five years later with Asperger syndrome, David has committed himself to relentless self-improvement, sometimes to a comical extent. A former semiconductor engineer turned full-time writer and speaker, David has written for The New York Times, Huffington Post, Slate, and he writes a relationship blog for Psychology Today. But his greatest accomplishment by far has been learning how to thrive as a family man.

At the podium, David brings his story to life through narrative that both inspires and entertains. With a comedian's wit, affecting storytelling, a long list of endearing quirks, and surprising wisdom, David shares his journey from the world's most trying husband to the husband who tries the most--a journey that taught him how to live a successful, fulfilling life, and even how to fold laundry without being asked. His messages range from the transformative power of love, understanding, guidance, and adaptability in any relationship, to living a fulfilling life with an autism spectrum condition, to thriving in what he describes as a "neurologically-mixed marriage." While sharing hilarious and moving anecdotes from his life, David provides his audiences with invaluable, fresh insights into their own. Rich with wisdom and life-changing lessons for anyone motivated to succeed--be it in their career, their marriage, or any aspect of their life--David's talks lend a message of hope and inspiration from which anyone can benefit.