David Finch

David Finch ASPERGER SYNDROME, education David Finch ASPERGER SYNDROME, education

David Finch Speech Topics

“So, Are We Supposed to Hug Now?” Best Practices for Neurologically-Mixed Marriages and Other Harrowing Relationships
A seminar packed with relevant, actionable strategies for making relationships thrive. David’s wife, Kristen, is available to co-present for this seminar, lending a crucial perspective on staying patient, setting boundaries, and working together to serve the needs of the partnership.
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“Oh, You Needed Me to Pay Attention?” Classroom Perspective from a Deceptively Remarkable Student
This presentation is specifically geared for educators, administrators, and parents who find themselves occasionally baffled by their students. K-12 and higher education benefit equally, and in many cases CEUs may be offered for attending.
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“Oh, You Needed Me to Pay Taxes?” Successful Transitions for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum
Navigating transition from elementary education into high school, high school in college or vocation, and college into career involves a little more for individuals with special needs. When high school is over, the IEP may go away but the needs persist. This lecture addresses considerations of...
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Everyone is Sort of Autistic—Even Your Salespeople: Managing Neurodiversity in the Workplace
Businesses thrive when they hire unique talents. The trick is knowing how to manage these gifted individuals, who sometimes operate a little differently from the rest of us. This practical discussion on both managing and leveraging neurodiversity in the workplace is as important as multicultural...
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If You Can’t Say It In Two Minutes, You Got Nothin to Say: Best Practices for Effective Presentations
Nobody is going to remember the ninth bullet point on slide number 87, even though you animated it and put it in bold. Quit wasting everyone’s time. Presentations are about connecting with an audience—without a connection, ideas cannot be exchanged. Drawing upon his training at the Second City...
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EDUCATION: You, Fulfilled
A fulfilling life doesn't happen by accident. Unless you're a Kardashian. David Finch, New York Times best selling author of The Journal of Best Practices and non-Kardashian, relates his often hilarious and undeniably winning quest to live his happiest life after being diagnosed with Asperger...
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Asperger’s For The Win: Creating Unlikely Successes at School, Work, and Home
David relates his hilarious and undeniably winning quest to live a happier life with Asperger’s. Perfect for anyone who needs a healthy dose of inspiration.
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