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We had a wonderful event. I had many comments that Darren's speech was right on the mark, and they are already asking when he can come back . Thank you!
Candace E., Hilltop - Securities Inc.
For 13 years, Woodson was everything you could ask for -- unselfish, reliable, dependable, a team player first and a team leader always. He's a living, breathing example of the saying that character does matter.
Jerry Jones - Dallas Cowboys Owner
He was an awesome speaker with a great message.
Peg W., Manager of Events - Software Company
Darren really hit home the message of cultural differences between mediocre teams and winning teams. He truly left the room compelled to do more, give more, be more. Thank you, Darren, for an excellent keynote last night. The standing ovation was extremely deserved!
Lindsey S., Marketing Manager, Marketing Communications - BIOTRONIK, Inc.
Darren was terrific. In fact, I just received a phone call from a senior executive telling me that Darren was one of the best speakers he had ever heard. He brought energy, empathy, humor and insight to all, even those without a love of the game (or the Cowboys!). He engaged in a friendly banter with our leader, agreed to throw footballs into the audience, recognized one of our employees for her work with Diversity & Inclusion, and stayed after making sure he got to every last person waiting for a photo, autograph and wanting to tell their story. He even did a video for someone who requested it!
Alison H. - SAP Digital Business Services