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Danny Kanell

  • College Football Analyst, ESPN Networks
  • Co-host of ESPN's Russillo & Kanell
  • Former NCAA / NFL Quarterback

Danny Kanell is a college football analyst for ESPN networks and co-host of the weekday ESPN Radio program Russillo & Kanell. He joined ESPN in 2010 as a college football game and studio analyst, primarily on ESPNU, and currently works ESPN's Thursday, Friday and Saturday studio coverage. He previously called the ABC Saturday afternoon college football game, in addition to ESPN's ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • Leaders Lead

    A lot of people claim to be leaders. But the real leaders are the ones who actually get people to follow. Danny Kanell ... View More

  • Turning Adversity into Growth

    It’s inevitable. At some point things will go off the rails. It’s easy to be positive when things are great. But what ... View More

  • Mastering the Comeback

    Coming back from the brink of disaster isn’t easy. But Danny Kanell knows from his personal experience that it can be ... View More

  • Living a B+ Life

    It’s not a grade. It’s a lifestyle. Being positive is a way of life. It’s something Danny Kanell has chosen to follow. ... View More

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