WAFTB is proud to announce that "KISH", a film profile of World Access for the Blind Lead Founder and President Daniel Kish, has been awarded the prize for 'Best Documentary Short' at the [i] Ashland Independent Film Festival in Ashland, Oregon.

We send our congratulations to Daniel, Co-Directors Zackary Canepari and Drea Cooper, and all the folks at 'Great Big Story' and CNN Films!

From the AIFF website:

US Premiere

AIFF alumni filmmakers Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari (T-Rex-AIFF2015; The Bionic Man and The Dog-AIFF2016) tell the inspiring story of Daniel Kish, a blind man who has earned the moniker “the remarkable Batman” by navigating his world of darkness using sound, or echolocating, making clicking sounds in a conversation with his environment. Having taught himself to “see” with sound, he now teaches others to do the same. 

Directors’ Statement: Zackary Canepari, Drea Cooper 

Drea woke up one morning to a random email. It was from a person in France who had seen our California is a Place series. He read an article about Daniel Kish and thought we might be interested. We quickly read the story and couldn’t believe it. Could someone really teach himself how to echolocate like a bat? How is this even possible? We had to find out. 

Short Docs sponsored by Ashland Home Net/Project A (Jim Teece & Dena Matthews)

You can watch the documentary at:




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Daniel Kish: 5x TED/TEDx Speaker, Activator of Change,  Inspirational Real-Life Bat Man, Motivational Blind Visionary, Global Panelist, Modern Day Explorer, Founder and President of World Access for the Blind

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