Dana Daniels | Comedian Magician Who Performs With His Psychic Parrot Luigi and Motivates Audiences With Laughter and Magic

Dana Daniels

Comedian Magician Who Performs With His Psychic Parrot Luigi and Motivates Audiences With Laughter and Magic

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Dana Daniels

Dana Daniels Presentations After Dinner Entertainment Dana keeps the laughs going at a speedy clip using his trusty side kick Luigi the Psychic Parrot. Yes, you read correctly -- a psychic parrot! In-between Dana's outrageously funny sight gags, he sets out to prove that his little green friend is truly clairvoyant. Together, they perform such miracles as finding chosen cards, reading the mind of somebody on a cell phone and turning an audience member's $100 bill into bird food only to have it reappear inside an egg laid by Luigi. (Tough trick for a male bird) Dana takes command with a style and confidence that puts the audience at ease. His clever audience participation and an undeniably magnetic personable connection have given him wide appeal! with a wide variety of audiences -- Scientist, Lawyers Sales People, Computer nerds and your CEO! Strolling Close-up Magic Nothing is better than having amazing magic performed right in the hands of your guest during the cocktail hour. Dana Daniels will ignite the evening with accomplished sleight of hand that will dazzle your attendees and start the evening off with a buzz in the air. Crack-up-Sessions Laughter is the highest motivating force. Turn one of your breakout sessions into a crack-up session. Your attendees will feel rejuvenated after witnessing Dana as the comedian, and Luigi, as the straight bird, the duo is perfect to deliver your keynote message while performing off-the-wall magic blended and rapid-fire clean comedy. It's an effective way to refocus your attendees for their remaining sessions. Keynote Speaker/ Keynote Parrot As a professional speaker and an award-winning entertainer for over 25 years, Dana KNOWS HIS AUDIENCE. Armed with knowledge and research on your company, Dana seamlessly weaves your keynote message into an unforgettable event utilizing audience participation, roaring laughter and accomplished magic. Master of Ceremonies Dana can keep your event moving at the right pace. His bright, quick wit and unique improvising skills are readily used while dealing with your unexpected situations. Once Dana brought a volunteer up on stage and quickly discovered he did not speak English. Most entertainers would probably exchange the person for someone else. Not Dana, he kept him up there and did an extra 10 minutes of hilarious material capitalizing on the situation. He is the "master" of working with, not at, his audience. Biography Dana Daniels, teamed with his Psychic Parrot Luigi ( yes, a Psychic Parrot ), have been motivating and entertaining at Corporate events around the country for companies such as McDonald's, Lincoln Financial and Frito-Lay. With Dana as the comedian, and Luigi as the straight bird, the duo never fail to fracture an audience with laughter. Dana sets out to prove his little green friend is truly clairvoyant by performing incredible magic blended with rapid-fire clean comedy and audience participation. Dana has been recognized by his peers as one of the best comedian magicians working today. His past accolades include. Comedy Magician of the Year ( from the Academy of Magical Arts ) Two time Stage Magician of the Year ( from the Academy of Magical Arts ) Awarded the Jimmy Durante Comedy Award Dana's past television appearances include Stand up Live, Evening at the Improv, CBS Morning Show, The Golden Girls, NBC's Comedy Club, News Radio, Masters of Illusions, Lance Burton's Guerrilla Magic and the best selling clean comedy DVD series "Thou Shalt Laugh". Dana has also opened for such stars as Ray Romano, Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Tony Orlando, Randy Travis, Gary Shandling and Charro. "It's Dana's unique twist" on magic that separates him from other magicians, and separates Luigi from other poultry. Testimonials "A meeting planers dream. Very funny and easy to work with." --McDonalds Corp. "Thank you for giving us such a memorable evening and making me look so good for booking you." --AirFlite Corp. "You delivered our key motivational message in perfect form. Following your presentation the evening's "Buzz" was all about you. Beside a terrific laugh and good time, many people said they greatly appreciated the fact that your humor is clean." --Dole Fresh Vegetables "Wow, what a spectacular performance! The comments from our guest at the Western Association of Food Chains party have been excellent." --Frito-Lay "The staff was in hysterics. One person reported laughing so hard that he cried and my boss said she laughed so hard her side hurt." --Kaiser Permanente "In many respects this event was one of our best efforts and you really put an exclamation point on the final evening." --Mechanical Contractors Association of Texas "I almost fell out of my chair laughing so hard" --Morgan Freeman, Actor "Comedy is hard. Magic is harder. Dana Daniels makes them both look easy. By far, the most consistently funny comedy magician I've ever seen. Dana is a total pro--his material is flawless, as is his magic and everyone goes out both amazed and aching with laughs." --Jason Alexander, Actor

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Dana Daniels

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