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Dan Cnossen: Inspirational & Leadership Keynote Speaker - Virtual

Dan Cnossen

Lt. Commander Navy SEAL, 6x Paralympic Medalist

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Boston, MA
About Dan Cnossen

A true patriot, raised on the farmlands of Kansas, early on Dan Cnossen [Ka-na-sin] knew he wanted to serve his country. Upon graduating high school, he was accepted at the U.S. Naval Academy and spent the next four years relentlessly pursuing selection for SEAL training. One of only 16 members of his class given the opportunity to enter Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL training as officers, Dan successfully completed the grueling process in the fall of 2003.

Over the next six years, Dan was ...

Wow, wow, wow! Dan was an amazing person to feature, and what an inspiration! A true patriot and a warrior in every sense. I hung on every word - incredible!


"Thank you" just doesn't seem to cut it. It's hard to find the words to express our gratitude to you as a patriot, as a speaker, as a leader of men and as a contributor to the Blackhawks. I just wanted to pen a quick note of appreciation and let you know how impactful I find your presentations. Beyond your inspiring stories of perseverance, your insights on improving human performance vis a vis preparation and execution is pure gold. Our prospects would be wise to heed any and all advice you provide. Implementing even one of your recommendations would mean improving as both an athlete and as a person.

The Chicago Blackhawks

You CRUSHED it at our event last week! Our group clearly couldn't get enough and would have enjoyed more time with you, as evidenced by them lining up to meet you. The only downside is I have NO idea how I can top you as a speaker at our next annual meeting!

HCI Equity Partners

To any company or organization seeking to motivate its employees or clients, ignite new thinking or shed thoughtful perspective on leadership topics, mental toughness, resiliency, health and wellness, grit, and team effectiveness - Dan can weave together an authentic and unique narrative to draw people in and will leave you feeling inspired, motivated, and committed.

Spencer Stuart Inc.

On behalf of the whole Rehab Summit team, I wanted to extend our thanks for presenting to the Rehab Summit audience this year. What a compelling and inspiring story to share - which translated very well virtually this year! I can only imagine how challenging it can be to present to a virtual audience that doesn't give immediate feedback like a live one. You did it like a pro! Excellent!

PESI, Inc.
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