Dan Waldschmidt | Highly effective strategist to some of the world’s largest companies and their senior leaders.

Dan Waldschmidt

Highly effective strategist to some of the world’s largest companies and their senior leaders.

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Dan Waldschmidt

Using his experience working with various corporate business leaders and the years of research behind his best selling book "EDGY Conversations", Dan Waldschmidt shows audiences the very same strategies, tools and methods developed and utilized by "the world's most unlikely high performers." His stories of ordinary humans achieving outrageous success will enliven each member of the audience to launch an extraordinary life both personally and professionally. No bullet points. No theories. No boring Powerpoints. Just real talk from a guy who has helped the biggest companies in the world dominate their industry in business, leadership, and motivation. Now it's time to bring the exact same thing to your events.

Dan Waldschmidt
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Living A High Performance Life

Using the 1,000+ stories and case studies that he researched when writing his best-selling book, EDGY Conversations, Dan captivates his audiences with practical, real-life examples -- the small city who stood up against the greatest king who had ever lived, how to run 100 miles when they’re too tired to move, and how smart companies make millions more by being so valuable people ask for more.

There are 6 key lessons that all high performers in business, math, sports, science, and politics have learned to get to that point in their life. In this exciting session Dan shares some easily applied and fresh insights:

The superpower of focusing on a few deliberate activities
Why being weird is essential to massive long terms progress
How to use the right technology to get what you want faster
Why you should say "NO" more often to yourself
How to be so valuable people can't stand to live without you
Why being awesome is the only goal that matters

Dan Waldschmidt
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Dan Waldschmidt

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