Cynthia Round

Cynthia Round, Advertising Cynthia Round, Advertising

Cynthia Round Speech Topics

Branding: Beyond Relevant to Irresistible
The best brands understand that emotional connection is the key to their brand relationship and loyalty. Relevance is table stakes; today you need to be irresistible. Hear how to excavate the essential intangible truth of your brand and better align your organization to build an irresistible 360...
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Can We Make Our Cultural Institutions Irresistible?
How can a 145-year-old art museum stay relevant in an increasingly digital world where institutional authority is challenged and lines are blurred between what is and isn’t art? Does art matter? Can we make the arts more open and central to the lives of abroader, more diverse audience? How do the...
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Using Brand Strategy to Create Social Change
If marketing can create a cult-like following for a pair of running shoes or a cup of coffee, we can use these same approaches to inspire better choices for healthy lives, give more children the education they deserve, or to save the planet. What can the world’s best consumer brands teach us...
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