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Curt Steinhorst

Leadership Strategist, People & Culture Expert and Author

Curt Steinhorst

Curt Steinhorst is the author of the bestselling book, Can I Have Your Attention?, a Top 30 Global Guru, and a regular Forbes contributor on Leadership Strategy. He pulls from a decade's worth of attention science, generational differences, and technology trends to shape leadership, engagement, and productivity. Curt has collaborated with thousands of executives to discover common approaches to finding clarity, harnessing human attention, and developing teams that yield powerful results. His unique perspective and entertaining speaking style combine unforgettable stories, cutting-edge research, and practical case studies. His many clients include AT&T, Southwest Airlines, Deloitte, JPMorgan Chase, Nike, the US Naval Academy, and SAP, to name a few.

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Shaping the Future of Work

Transforming Who, Where, How, What, and Why We Work

The pandemic revealed issues with the pre-pandemic workplace and taught employees valuable lessons about how they best work, and what they expect from their employer, and convinced them not to settle for less.

In Shaping the Future of Work, Curt Steinhorst covers the five essential lenses to understand the rapidly changing landscape of work:

• Who Works: Employee demographics are changing with multiple generations working together and a more diverse workforce. 

• Where We Work: Remote work, redesigned offices, and hybrid locations have shifted where we work.

• How We Work: A more varied workforce that includes employees, contingent workers, and gig workers has created new opportunities.

• What is Work: New technologies and digital transformation have led to the emergence of new job roles, necessitating reskilling. 

• Why We Work: Workers expect companies to provide clear value to them while they, in turn, create value for the company. The importance of belonging and culture in the workplace remains unchanged. However, the way in which they are developed and sustained needs to be updated.

This session will teach leaders how to prioritize the present and guide their company toward the future.

Intentional Leadership in a Rapidly Changing Workplace

How to Drive Trust, Collaboration, and Results through Uncertainty

Today's leaders face many challenges, including the great resignation, hybrid and remote work, shifting employee expectations, and tense social and political landscapes — plus the noise and uncertainty of daily life.

Leaders need to build trust, communicate effectively, and demonstrate empathy to improve recruitment, retention, productivity, engagement, and well-being.

The core challenge is not a leader’s lack of awareness or concern. Many leaders do what they can — but the primary resource necessary is under assault and in critically limited supply: A leader’s intentional attention.

In this presentation, Curt helps leaders identify old assumptions, hidden traps, and new ways to connect effectively.

Key Outcomes

• Navigate varying and conflicting work preferences based on employee generation, experience, tenure, background, and personality

• Reconfigure team protocols to remove costly distractions that sabotage productivity

• Increase capacity and space to innovate

• Maintain trust in times of chaos, volatility, and uncertainty

• Achieve clarity of purpose that drives teams further

Leaders will come away with tools to help them relate to and guide employees — and drive their own intentional attention — with higher achievement and greater engagement for all as the reward.

Growing Your Company Without Shrinking Its Culture

As you grow, how do you preserve what makes your organization special?

How can you maintain the unique aspects of your culture as your company grows and brings in new colleagues and customers?

In this session, Curt Steinhorst helps you identify ways to protect and sustain your company's culture during growth. He challenges you to rethink assumptions about scalability and addresses how what created cohesion, efficiency, and "magic" in the past can actually create silos and inefficiency in the future.

You will learn how to expand, adapt, and thrive through clarity, communication, and intentional attention. Curt will address common and often misunderstood culture drivers, including:

• Culture is driven by clarity. 

• Communication driven by convenience creates chaos.

• A leader's ability to avoid certain decisions is as important as those they make.

• Meetings are more likely to drain us than connect us. 

• Attention is your most limited and valuable resource.

By learning how to adapt your organization and its actions, you will leave with practical and sustainable solutions you can implement to preserve what makes your company’s culture unique while giving it room to evolve.

The New Team Rules

Connecting, Collaborating, and Producing Results in the Age of Zoom

How do you build a productive team when co-workers are no longer in the same room or even available during the same hours?

And how do you create better rhythms of work and communication that ultimately drive greater engagement and success for your team?

Effective teams foster creativity, accountability, and diverse ideas, but achieving this is complex. Different work styles and priorities can lead to conflicts and slow progress. Communication overload and excessive meetings can reduce focus and productivity. Team dynamics can result in power struggles, lack of accountability, and stress.

In this session, Curt Steinhorst outlines hidden drivers that can harm teams. He provides a playbook for working together in a way that makes room for diverse work styles and communication preferences.

Key Outcomes

• Transform diverse, dispersed, and disconnected individual contributors into a high-performing team

• Improve communication while avoiding overload and interruption

• Ensure organizational goals link to team priorities

• Negotiate successful ground rules for remote/hybrid work/in-office arrangements

• Improve collective decision-making within teams.

Curt Steinhorst
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