Dr. Crystal Kuykendall

Dr. Crystal Kuykendall NSB Dr. Crystal Kuykendall NSB

Dr. Crystal Kuykendall Speech Topics

Bringing out the Best in Everybody

Certainly, in today's competitive society, individuals are encouraged to do all they can to improve and empower themselves ----- and this is great! However, Crystal believes that while there is much joy in personal accomplishment, there is commensurate joy in being of benefit, even service to...

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Principles of Effective Leadership

opelessness is one of the most pervasive illnesses in society. Crystal helps those "Merchants of Hope" who receive this message to move past obstacles, differences, diversity, and other restraints. Through this message individuals will learn to impact positively the lives of others, restore hope...

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Winning Women at Work

A working woman since her teen years, Crystal has gleaned a depth of understanding and appreciation for the challenges facing women of all races and backgrounds in the workplace. She has helped thousands of women transform, empower and enrich their lives as working women, loving Moms and...

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From Rage to Hope

A firm believer that "educating everyone takes everyone", Crystal has a message for all who are concerned about the proliferation of violence in today's society, drug abuse, drop out rates, teen pregnancy, suicide and youth alienation. In addressing so very effectively the causes of youth rage,...

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Other Presentation Topics include:

From Rage to Hope: Strategies for Reclaiming Black and Hispanic Students
Black Survival in White America
The Contemporary Black Woman
Contemporary Educational Issues and the Urban School Board
Parental/Community Involvement in Public Schools & Effective Parenting
Multicultural Education

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