Cristy Kessler Ed.D., NBCT

Cristy Kessler Ed.D., NBCT Cristy Kessler Ed.D., NBCT
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Cristy Kessler Ed.D., NBCT: How Do We Teach Thinking
Cristy Kessler Ed.D., NBCT: UH Teacher Diagnosed With 3 Rare Diseases

Cristy Kessler Ed.D., NBCT

Waiting to Die; Learning to Live

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Honolulu, HI, United States
About Cristy Kessler Ed.D., NBCT

With over 19 years of teaching experience, Dr. Cristy Kessler has been motivating audiences of all ages with her message of determination, survival, faith, and hope. Cristy has a natural ability for speaking to large groups of people of all ages and a style of speaking that helps them feel like they're sitting in her living room.

Cristy Kessler has been a role model for countless students from 5th grade through university whose lives she has touched as a social studies teacher, coach, and ...

It is great knowing that Cristy Kessler is in improving health & teaching students in the College of Education. Her students are lucky to have her as their teacher . . .

Scott Robinson, Ph.D - University of Hawaii

Our work in the community is enriched by Cristy's irrepressible spirit, sense of humor, as well as her infinite capacity to share aloha and her positive attitude with all she comes in contact with.

Alice Kawakami, Program Director - INPEACE

When Cristy Kessler walked into my 9th grade geography class in 1985 as a troubled teen with a chip on her shoulder, I could see something in her that she didn't know was there. She went on to become an exceptional student and a three-sport standout . . .

Jim Miller, Retired - High School Teacher, Athletic Director and Coach
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