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Tony Evans 12/1

In his latest five-book release, Life Under God, bestselling author and pastor, Dr. Tony Evans, explains the difference between being a true Christian and being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Life Under God takes readers on a journey of reflecting on their life and evaluating their walk with Christ through the lens of surrender and biblical submission.

One of the greatest dangers in the body of Christ today occurs when religion replaces an intimate relationship with our King. Religion is anything you do for God that does not stem out of a heart connected to God. It is only in knowing God and seeking Him first in all that you do, say and think that you come to discover His greatest plan for your life. In One Life Under God, Dr. Tony Evans digs deep to uncover the spiritual truths behind the prioritization of the kingdom, the key to spiritual growth, nourishing a kingdom mindset and discovering your personal destiny.

The 5 books in the Life Under God series includes: One Life Under God, One Family Under God, One Church Under God, One Nation Under God, and One Kingdom Under God. This series is adapted from Dr. Evans’s legacy work, The Kingdom Agenda.

Tony Evans is a beloved pastor and national leader. He’s also the former chaplain of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, and longstanding chaplain of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. Tony has received many honors over the years but the two he especially treasures are the “Father of the Year” award voted by the Dallas Father of the Year Committee, as well as the Marian Pfister Anschutz Award for “dedication to protecting, encouraging, and strengthening the American family” from the Family Research Center. Dr. Tony Evans is married to Lois and together they are the proud parents of four children, all of whom are kingdom men and kingdom women: Chrystal Hurst, Priscilla Shirer, Anthony, and Jonathan.

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