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"It's time for Christians to get aggressive on rebuilding the family, addressing justice issues, and restoring morality."

Tony Evans, founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, reflects on growing up in the city of Baltimore and the need for our nation to look to Jesus Christ for hope amidst ongoing rioting & protests. He highlighted the difference a positive adult role model can make in a young person's life. Tony discusses his ideas for a possible solution of "personal changes & responsibility" to help tackle these challenges:

Churches must "come together and have a solemn assembly, a sacred gathering, re-inviting God in the midst of our lives, in our families and in our communities."

Christians need to invest time into improving their local schools in order to insure that students educational needs are being met and empowering the faculty to effectively do their part. Tony spearheads this initiative through The National Church Adopt-a-School Initiative.

"This chaos will create a renewed vigor and value and call to the people of God to glorify God through bringing Jesus Christ back to the center of culture."

Tony Evans: Social Activist, Theologian and Founder/President of The Urban Alternative

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