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Todd Starnes

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Todd Starnes Speech Topics

They Popped My Hood and Found Gravy on the Dipstick
Todd shares his personal testimony of surviving emergency open heart surgery at the age of 37, undergoing a heart valve transplant, losing 100 pounds and running the New York City Marathon -- all within two years. He illustrates his near-death experience with familiar Bible stories and Bible...
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What Happened to My Country?
Todd has become the nation's top culture war reporter. His exclusive reporting has led to congressional investigations and legislation. Todd will provide you with an inside look at the attack on traditional American values. He will also explain how churches can engage the culture in creative and...
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Engage the Culture
The culture will not change unless teenagers are willing to consider God's call to take a stand for Christ. Todd's message to young people is to get involved and take a stand. He tells stories of modern-day teenagers who dared to stand up to attacks on the culture. He also encourages young people...
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