Brad and Misty Bernall

Brad and Misty Bernall Brad and Misty Bernall

Brad and Misty Bernall Bio

"Our Cassie was the young woman at Columbine High who boldly answered to a gunman 'YES' when he asked if she believed in God, prompting him to pull the trigger.

Cassie's response did not surprise us. Her life was rightly centered around our Lord Jesus. It was from her strong faith in Him and His promise of eternal life that she was empowered to make her stand. This tragedy occurred to awaken people's recognition of God's good, Satan's evil and the reality of both powers. We must all accept this reality and begin modeling our lives after Jesus before these things will cease. Cassie was God's tool to initiate your change.

We are now endeavoring to be responsible with the ministry that God has now given to us - to carry Cassie's message throughout the world. We are excited about the ministry that her testimony has opened up."

- Brad and Misty Bernall

Misty Bernall chronicled the life and faith of Cassie in the best-selling book, She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall. In her book, Misty Bernall portrays Cassie's tranformation from a distraught teenager to an amazing young martyr for Christ.