Stephanie Gray

Stephanie Gray Stephanie Gray

Stephanie Gray Speech Topics

Talking about Assisted Suicide with Clarity and Compassion
With growing acceptance for assisted suicide and euthanasia around the world, this talk proposes that people pause to reflect on important questions such as, How do we alleviate suffering without eliminating sufferers? How can we get creative in the face of physical pain and emotional anguish?...
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Love Unleashes Life: Abortion and the Art of Communicating Truth
How does one speak about the controversial topic of abortion with wisdom and grace? Stephanie Gray delivers a masterful presentation where she balances communicating to the head and the heart. She tackles the common arguments in favor of abortion with an appeal to science, philosophy, psychology,...
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Finding Joy: Healing from a Broken Engagement
Fairytales inspire a little girl to dream of the day when her prince will come. What happens when he does but then leaves? Stephanie shares her story of a dream almost coming true when she got engaged only to have “happily ever after” seem to disappear before making it to the altar. What should...
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