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Stephanie did an excellent job with her presentation. It was professional, well-reasoned, persuasive and compelling. Her presentation enabled the audience to think through the abortion issue objectively and equipped them to present a pro-life view to others I recommend Stephanie as a speaker to any group interested in an honest examination of the abortion issue or for a debate on abortion.
Dr. James Pocock, Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering - US Air Force Academy
Any group that wants an articulate, Christian voice to address the issue of abortion would do well to seek Stephanie's services. It was a pleasure to have her on our campus.
Fred Schat, Dean of Students - Redeemer University College
I'm deeply encouraged knowing that the pro-life movement has young ambassadors capable of delivering persuasive pro-life content in a winsome manner. No one is better than Stephanie at doing just that. I cannot recommend her enough.
Scott Klusendorf, President - Life Training Institute
Stephanie is an exceptionally gifted Christian communicator and leader. Her presentations are Bible-centered, creative, compassionate, and yet provocative enough to move listeners into action. Stephanie's smile and pleasant disposition, not to mention her culturally relevant message, made her a welcomed guest both at this time and in the future. I plead with you, invite Stephanie to speak. You will be blessed.
Rev. Neville Gosman - Sussex Wesleyan Church in New Brunswick
Stephanie Gray is an outstanding public speaker with a gripping and relevant message of hope which will assist others to learn how to intelligently argue for the unborn.
Brad Smith, Head of Guidance Counseling - Pacific Academy High School