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Best Selling author and syndicated columnist Michael Reagan recently made an important appearance on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ for an emotive reflection on his father, former president Ronald Reagan. Michael reminisced on his childhood, shared stories about the dynamic between Ronald and Nancy and the toll Alzheimer’s took on the whole family. Ronald loved to spend time horseback riding and enjoying nature with Michael and Nancy at his beloved ranch. During the interview, Joe Scarborough asked Michael a profound question: What would your father think of this year’s election?

“I think my father would be appalled the way this campaign is going. He would look at all of the years he put in and all of the things he accomplished and those things being turned upside down. He really loved this country, doesn’t like personal attacks.”

In his new book, Lessons My Father Taught me, Michael recounts even more bits, pieces and stories of what life was like with his father. He recalls making the all-too-common mistake of children blaming their parents for their failures and how he moved past it. Michael is passionate about preserving his father’s legacy and telling whoever he meets all about him through The Reagan Legacy Foundation and speaking events. He also has a tremendous heart for organizations like Child and Family Ministries and My Stuff Bags Foundation which provide support for adopted families and children rescued from abuse. Any audience which Michael has the opportunity to share his story with sees the evidence of the kind of principles Ronald instilled in Michael:

  • Love Your Family
  • Speak and Live the Truth
  • Live To Influence Others
  • Turn Defeats Into Successes
  • Put Others First
  • Forgive and Be Forgiven
  • Say “I Love You,” Before It’s Too Late 

His ability to let these principles manifest in his life is the core of what makes him the highly sought-after speaker that he is!

Source: 'Lessons My Father Taught Me' & Michael Reagan 

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Michael Reagan: Eldest Son of President Ronald Reagan, New York Times Best-Selling Author

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