Keni Thomas Releases Military-Inspired Video

Written by Jen Swirsky

Country star and combat veteran of the 75th Ranger Regiment, Keni Thomas, released a music video for his song “Hold the Line,” just in time for Veterans’ Day. The video draws attention to the struggles faced by the men and women of the Armed Forces, specifically upon their return home from tours of duty.

In discussing the song and its video, Keni explained:

This transition to a “new normal” can be tough for both service personnel and their families. The combat veteran is not the same person they were before they left. How can they be? But at the same time, at their core, they are still the person who loves you, who cares about you, who wants to be the husband, father, mother, wife, friend they were before. And to do that, they will need our help.

The video spotlights soldiers, as well as young football players, banding together to support and defend one another. Keni’s distinct choruses boast:

Hold the line, hold the line, shoulder to shoulder and side by side. You give it your best and I’ll give it mine, we can win this together if we hold the line.

Hold the line, hold the line, shoulder to shoulder and side by side. We gotta have faith, yeah the sun’s gonna shine, we’ll get through this together if we hold the line.

In an extremely purposeful final verse, Keni showcases the difficulties of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”) and the affects PTSD can have on soldiers who come home after war. In a chilling account of being on the front line, an amputee is seen reminiscing of his days during deployment when he hears the sounds of a bugle playing. Despite the veteran’s hardships about returning to a life of “normalcy,” he relishes in the importance of patriotism and standing by his brothers and sisters of the armed forces. The final chorus expresses the veteran’s need to continue to fight for his country, as Keni sings:

Hold the line, hold the line, shoulder to shoulder and side by side. In a world going crazy in these troubled times, we gotta stand together, we gotta hold the line.

Keni Thomas’ song is a tune of brotherhood and unity that could only be delivered with so much heart and soul by somebody who has been through the trials and tribulations that are demonstrated by the storytelling in the video. The artist behind the song is certainly no stranger to the predicaments about which he sings, as Keni is a veteran who was one of the Task Force Rangers who fought in Somalia during Operation Restore Hope. He has consulted on movies like Black Hawk Down and We Were Soldiers.

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