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Sibi Riffer is the founder of Pearls and Grace Ministries and the founder and creative heart behind The Pearl Event, an annual Christian Women's Conference established in 2009. Sibi is an overcomer and has walked through tremendous adversity in life and uses those difficult things to bring much glory to God and to offer women hope that it is not over, it is not too late and God surely has not forgotten them.

Sibi has been teaching and speaking for the last ten years and has been writing to encourage His daughters for the last six years. She uses the many years of suffering as a way to connect with women right in the middle of whatever hardship they may be walking through and then leads them to biblically sound scripture to encourage them and points them into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sibi spent much of her life overcoming years of hardship, poverty, heartache, rejection, abandonment, unforgiveness and single motherhood. Her testimony is one of tragedy turned to triumph and she loves to encourage women with the truth that God will bring each and every, single one of us out of whatever difficult things life has handed us. In fact, He specializes in this.

Sibi has a unique gift for being able to connect with women from all walks of life and ministers to them with tremendous compassion and solid biblical teaching.

Sibi has been married for almost 14 years and has been parenting for over 24 years. She considers her roles as mother and wife her greatest privileges in life and uses humor from her day to day life as a way to connect with women and as proof that God can truly use the most least likely vessels.