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Sherri Burgess is a Christian writer, speaker, and Bible teacher. Her story is one of hope and stands as an example of the joy we can all have in Christ even in the aftermath of the most tumultuous of storms. Hers came on January 19, 2008, when she found her youngest son, Bronner, drowned in their family's backyard swimming pool. They had just returned home from visiting friends and family and were getting settled back in for the night when he wandered outside alone. He was only 2 . She and her husband, Rick Burgess, of the "Rick and Bubba Show," wanted to know why, "Why does God allow such calamity, such heartbreak, such sadness in our world?" God answered them. It took five years of mourning, Bible study, prayer, and writing, but Sherri is now ready to reveal all she learned about suffering in those quiet moments alone with God. Her book, Bronner: A Journey to Understand, is released o\in January of 2016. Its message is this: that life is to be lived for God, not self, and that this world is soil for testing and fire for refinement readying the Christian for a forever with God.