Scott Rasmussen | Public Opinion Pollster, Author, Co-Founder of ESPN & Rasmussen Reports, Political Analyst

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Scott Rasmussen

Public Opinion Pollster, Author, Co-Founder of ESPN & Rasmussen Reports, Political Analyst

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Scott Rasmussen

Scott Rasmussen has long been recognized as one of the world’s leading public opinion pollsters and top political analysts. He constantly has his finger on the pulse of the nation and his knowledge of history enables him to put the latest news in a larger context.

This fall, Scott will begin hosting a weekly TV show on TBN. “The Scott Rasmussen Show” will look at current events from the perspective of the American people, take deep dives into key issues, and address the challenges and opportunities of twenty-first century polling.

Innovation has been a hallmark of Scott's career.

· In 1978, the then-new technology of satellite communications dramatically reduced the cost of sending a broadcast signal around the nation. Building upon that opportunity, Scott and his father, Bill, founded ESPN, the cable sports network.

· In the 1990s the birth of the Internet provided the unique opportunity to capitalize on another ground-breaking technology. Scott launched his first website in 1994 and became the first pollster to offer data directly to the public rather than filtered through a network reporter.

· It was also at that time that Scott saw the potential for the concept of automated polling and ultimately revolutionized the polling industry. That led the Washington

Post to call Scott "a driving force in American politics." The Wall Street Journal described him as a "key player in the contact sport of politics."

Scott is also a New York Times bestselling author. He lives with his wife in Texas and they have two grown children.

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Scott Rasmussen
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Scott Rasmussen

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