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Robert Amaya

Robert Amaya Robert Amaya
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Premiere Exclusive

Robert Amaya

Played Javier Martinez in "Courageous" and Marco in "Mom's Night Out"

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Miami, FL, US
About Robert Amaya

Robert Amaya is a dedicated family man from Miami with a love of film and musicals. He is a former vocalist for the critically acclaimed, Walt Disney's Voices of Liberty; a volunteer worship leader and children's ministry actor at his church, Christ Journey; and a featured actor for a number of award winning box office hits. In his home town, he has helped launch and organize "FamJamz", a family ministry based on the "Think Orange" concept where families are encouraged to worship ...

Where do I start? There are no amount of words that will be adequate to express the amazing job he did. In business terms, he was worth every penny we invested. He was a true professional. He delivered in every sense of the word.

Jessica Pastirik, Director of Involvement Ministries/Community Outreach - Central Church of Christ

I was hoping Robert would hit a home run as the keynote speaker for our men's event. He didn't hit a home run. He hit a grand slam!!! He was a pleasure to work with, and we couldn't have been more pleased.

Bill Sammons - WKNZ - 88.7 The Bridge

What was most amazing was the energy he [Robert Amaya] gave to each service, as there were three services on the day he spoke and all received his best effort; as a result, lives were changed and many found Christ on Sunday!

Pastor Wayne Murray - Grace Assembly of God - New Whiteland, IN
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