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Robert Amaya

Robert Amaya Robert Amaya

Robert Amaya Speech Topics

A Sincere Hypocrisy - Believing What You're Pretending
A strong message challenging us to return to a Gospel-centric home and community.
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Courageous Fatherhood: A Biblical Calling
Robert Amaya is inspiring fathers to take back their roles as dads. This program will encourage, challenge and inspire fathers to embrace the importance of their roles through a Biblical perspective of our Heavenly Father.
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Film & Ministry: How to be a redeemed artist in the public square.
El Llamado De Un Padre
La importancia de un padre, de acuerdo a la biblia
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What a Christian Is: The Hard Truth
It's difficult to hold up the biblical mirror to ourselves. It's time to peel away all the superficiality of what we think we know, and get grounded in the truth of God's Word.
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The Filming Experience of Courageous
Robert Amaya shares how his role in Courageous has strengthened his heart and desire for all fathers to love and nurture their children by being the very best father they can be.
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