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Shawn Hanks: CEO
March 15, 2016

Shawn Hanks


If anyone knows anything about having to consistently one-up themselves on a job well done, it’s event planners. ‘Event planner’ was recently ranked as the fifth most stressful job by CareerCast (with the military, firefighters, pilots and police officers coming before it). As an event planner, your job is to see the entire event through from the moment a vision is born, in duration of the event and even after an event is completely over. Post-event feedback happens to be one of the most important aspects of measuring event success. It’s a great way to make a personal connection with attendees while crowd sourcing for measurements on the perception, impact and value of the event and keynote.

You get to say your ‘thank yous,’ shake hands and essentially get free consulting from an angle you probably weren’t able to cover during the event. However, if an event is done right, the feedback comes to you. Recently, one of our event partners found her inbox full of amazing feedback after a keynote by the always-entertaining Jon Acuff! He consistently makes a profound impact on audiences from all walks of life while challenging them on personal growth, sales strategy, generational impact and intentionality. As you can see below, the financial-sector crowd loved him:


Large event + happy attendees = 2% battery!

Do you feel those warm fuzzies yet? This is exactly why we do love doing what we do. Event planners and speakers know all too well the hustle that comes with making a large or small-scale events successful. Any opportunity that we get to cheer on the important work they do is one that we happily take. It’s even better to see it happen, completely un-prompted, via attendees. We truly hope to see the event planning career come down in stress-level ranking. Until then, we’ll be here continuing to make our event partners’ jobs easier by providing the best speakers in the world! 

Source: LinkedIn

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