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Pete Hegseth
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Speaking Preview
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Generations Have Stopped Prioritizing Faith
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The State of American Education

Pete co-authored the pre-eminent book exposing the Leftist takeover of America’s K-12 schools—“Battle for the American Mind.” The book reveals the secular Left’s 100-year educational agenda and outlines what parents, grandparents and patriots must do to fight back—to include full school choice, defunding unions, home-schooling, Christian schools, and classical Christian education.


Patriotism might be passe in modern America, but not for Pete. Want to celebrate America—he’s all in! This speech can also be tailored to any event or occasion that includes a veterans, military, law enforcement or memorial aspect. Pete can also talk about his time on the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan and his advocacy work for vets and the military.

Christianity & American Culture

Andrew Breitbart famously said, “Politics is downstream from culture.” Pete’s pastor went a step further, saying: “culture is downstream from religion.” They’re both right! Our Christian faith—and how that plays out in our lives, families, communities, and culture—will determine America’s future viability. These topics include pro-life events, which is a passion of Pete’s.

Pete Hegseth
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Pete Hegseth

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