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Mike Foster

Recovering perfectionist, ministry leader & freedom specialist

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San Diego, CA
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Mike Foster is a gifted leader, communicator, author and television commentator dedicated to helping people experience God's grace and freedom. He is a student of the human heart and soul and a nationally recognized expert in helping people turn their setbacks into superpowers. Through his resources, workshops and innovative tools, Mike has become a specialist in helping people dream new dreams, break free from hurts and find purpose in their pain. Over the past 15 years, his best-selling ...

The voice of a man I trust whispering over our shoulders that our weirdness is wonderful and our quirks are among our most endearing qualities.

Bob Goff, NY Times best-selling author

Mike has this incredible ability to both challenge and inspire an audience like no one I've ever seen before. People love his no-nonsense approach, creative insights and his willingness to talk about his own mess. Our people adore him and he is a Central Church favorite!

Jud Wilhite, Senior Pastor - Central Christian Church

Mike's words are soaked in a special blend of grace, compassion, and clarity for living in God's love.

Mark Batterson, Pastor - National Community Church in Washington, DC

In my life, both personally and professionally, Mike Foster is a tremendous source of inspiration and encouragement.

Jamie Tworkowski, Founder - To Write Love on Her Arms
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