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Michele Rigby Assad, Body Language Michele Rigby Assad, Body Language
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Michele Rigby Assad: How This Couple Managed Being CIA Operatives
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Michele Rigby Assad

Former Intelligence officer in the CIA, International Security Consultant, Author of Breaking Cover and Keynote Speaker

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About Michele Rigby Assad

You must keep secrets but skillfully persuade others to tell you theirs. You have to love your country but willingly leave it behind for dangerous operations around the world. You need to live a double life but be trustworthy enough to carry out the nation's most sensitive tasks. Michele Rigby Assad was one of those people. Working undercover for the CIA, she served in treacherous areas throughout the Middle East--a woman leading some of the most highly skilled operatives on the planet. ...

Michele was our opening Critical Conversations keynote speaker in May 2018. Her first person accounts of being on the inside of CIA operations in unnamed countries kept the audience spellbound. She shared personal stories not usually heard through the filtered media, as well as personal feelings about what kept her faith strong in the midst of out-of-control circumstances. Her faith is strong and her accounts genuine - her friendly persona and interaction with the moderator and audience were encouraging and enlightening. She is a delight!

P. Stan Keith, President and Chief Executive Officer - The Hope Center

Michele Rigby Assad brings a message of inspiration, hope, and challenge that captivates and enthralls audiences of all generations. From encouraging college students to seek God through the uncertainties of life, to sharing with prospective donors how scholarships to a Christian college played a pivotal role in her life and accomplishments, Michele merged her unique message with the needs of our organization in a way that few speakers can accomplish. She arrived at our university as an internationally recognized expert and left as a friend we will long remember and look forward to welcoming back.

Penney Smith, First Lady - University of Mobile
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