Matt Birk

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Matt Birk Speech Topics

The 7 Choices That Lead to Greatness
Your intentions don't determine your destination...your path does! Based on Matt’s best-selling book, The 7 Choices are a framework that show you HOW to construct a path that will put you on a trajectory for greatness.
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Leading To Win
Star players can win games, but it’s the bottom of the roster that ultimately wins championships. Good leadership reaches everyone and gets them fully engaged in the mission.
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What Makes Teams Great
The NFL offers an interesting study into the world of competition. The League attempts to level the playing field by legislating parity and fixing almost all the variables. Get an insider's look as to why and how some teams have a competitive advantage, year after year. These principles are...
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Using Your Compass
Navigate through the journey of life using key fundamentals which will allow you to live with more confidence, passion, consistency, and focus. When you have these things you are equipped to deal with the inevitable challenges, personal and professional, that we all will encounter in life.
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