Liz Bohannon | Top 1% VC-Backed Female Founder & CEO and Bestselling Author of Beginner’s Pluck: Build Your Life of Purpose & Impact Now

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Liz Bohannon

Top 1% VC-Backed Female Founder & CEO and Bestselling Author of Beginner’s Pluck: Build Your Life of Purpose & Impact Now

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Liz Bohannon

We’ve all heard “It takes a village!” But the vast majority of people are left wondering where exactly to find said village. Is there a number to call or a memo we missed? 

Liz Bohannon, a leading workplace connection expert, knows you likely won’t “find” your village. But you can build it. She’s done it time and time again in both personal and professional settings and will teach you and your team how to design a life and organization that prioritizes human connection and relationships and unleashes your people and teams to reach their full potential by going faster and further together. 

Designing workplaces that elevate connection and authentic community is the fastest path to collaboration, fulfillment and impact, and it is at the heart of The Community Quotient™, a dynamic and refreshing perspective from Liz Bohannon that disrupts conventional thinking on organizational design. 

Liz's authenticity in championing workplace cultures of connection and community stems from her profound understanding of the human experience within organizations. Through her background as a Top 1% VC-Backed Female Founder, Internationally Renowned Keynote Speaker, and Bestselling Author, Liz brings a wealth of practical insights and heartfelt passion to her mission.

Liz’s dedication to fostering dynamic, authentic and vulnerable partnerships is evident in her international companies, where she has built and fostered community-driven organizations named by B Corp as the Best in the World in Building Community. What sets Liz apart as a transformative voice of authority in this domain is her unwavering commitment to designing organizations that foster and prioritize relationships, empathy, and human connection. 

Through her innovative Community Agreements and The Community Quotient™ framework, Liz provides actionable tactics and strategies for cultivating workplaces where every member feels valued, understood, and supported. Her genuine belief in the inherent worth of each individual and the strength of collective collaboration resonates deeply, making Liz Bohannon an unparalleled advocate for authentic connections and thriving communities within organizations.

Named a Forbes Top 20 Public Speaker in the U.S. Liz has been featured in dozens of publications including, Vogue, Redbook, O Magazine, Inc, Fortune and others. Among other notable honors, Liz was named a Top Three Transformation Leader by John Maxwell while Bloomberg Businessweek named her as a top social entrepreneur.

Her Bestselling Book Beginner’s Pluck: Build Your Life of Purpose & Impact Now has inspired a successful podcast called Plucking UP, where Liz delves deeper into authentic and vulnerable conversations that explore how the most successful people turn “Pluck Ups” into opportunity for growth and deeper connection with themselves and others. 

Liz Bohannon
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Liz Bohannon
Featured Book

Beginner's Pluck: Build Your Life of Purpose and Impact Nowby Liz Bohannon

Beginner's Pluck: Build Your Life of Purpose and Impact Now

by Liz Bohannon

There's no lack of people out there telling you to find your passion and dream big. But why does it seem like when we try, we so often end up more lost and overwhelmed than when we started?

Liz Forkin Bohannon wants you to rethink everything you've been told about finding your passion and following your dreams. Why? Hate to break it to you, but you're likely never going to "find your passion." Because your passion and purpose are something you build--actively--day by day. In her signature tell-it-like-it-is fashion, Liz shares 14 actionable principles that will teach you how to do just that. With total transparency, Liz shares hilarious and heartbreaking stories of her journey of screwups and successes that illustrate the mindsets and principles that will give you a jolt of energy, inspiration, and direction toward your True North. By embracing your Inner Beginner, dreaming small, choosing curiosity over criticism, and so much more, Liz's story and the principles of Beginner's Pluck will have you on your way to building a life of purpose, passion, and lasting impact.

Ready to rise to the occasion? It's time to make this life everything you want it to be.


"Brave, practical, and true, Liz shares her magical journey for anyone brave enough (and generous enough) to want to go on the journey of a lifetime."--Seth Godin

"I met Liz more than a decade ago in Gulu, Uganda. Beginner's Pluck is a thoughtful book about what Liz has been strategically doing in the world, not merely optimistically hoping for. Her authentic voice is one I trust because I've seen what she's done. As you flip these pages, you won't want to be more like Liz. Instead, you'll want to figure out what your next steps are to release your passions, hopes, and love into a world which is in desperate need of someone just like you to engage it."--Bob Goff, hon. consul for the Republic of Uganda and author New York Times bestsellers Love Does and Everybody Always

"I am SO VERY GLAD this book exists. We have long needed Liz's expert voice speaking into the minds of dreamers and doers, the ones who have the ideas and want to execute, and the ones who are exhaustedly executing. We want purpose in our day, and Liz does it with her life and teaches it here."--Annie F. Downs, bestselling author of 100 Days to Brave and Remember God

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Liz Bohannon

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