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Most people can only imagine what it was like to be with the Beatles---not only as an executive in charge of their U.S. Apple Records operation but also as a friend and personal liaison between the U.S. and U.K. for the individual Beatles. Ken Mansfield was there with them when they came to America in 1965 and was on board right up to their breakup. Personal relationships continued after leaving Apple as well as a business relationship with Ringo that went into the 1990's.'s Rock Editor rates Ken's "THE BEATLES, THE BIBLE AND BODEGA BAY" as one of the top three Beatles' books of all time---and of the 875 books about the Beatles currently listed on Ken's is the only one officially approved by the Beatles other than their own "Anthology". The Beatles adventure and his personal "long and winding road" to salvation form an intriguing central testimony theme surrounded by over 30 years of working in the music industry with some of the most famous artists of our time as an executive, producer, songwriter, entertainer and manager.

Ken's appearance attracts large local media coverage from radio TV and press because of the tremendous secular interest in the Beatles. Many unbelievers and new visitors from the area attend the appearance for this same reason and the event proves to be a powerful outreach tool for the sponsoring church by bringing many newcomers to their facility. Ken's willingness to precede his visit with interviews is a plus in reaching the community on behalf of the host ministry. Ken's testimony makes the journey real and accessible by emphasizing that no matter where we have been or what we have done we can be made brand new in Christ. His openness about his rise and fall from the heights of fame and decadence into the loving and forgiving arms of a real savior breaks down barriers for the unbelievers and instills new faith into the lives of struggling believers.

Ken's program can be used as an evening event and formatted for an hour to an hour and a half presentation or an abbreviated version is perfect for a morning service. Churches with contemporary music ministries will many times open the evening with a medley of Beatles songs which suggest Christian ideals---"All You Need Is Love", "The Long and Winding Road", "Let It Be", "Help", "Got To Get You Into My Life" etc. The presentation is lighthearted Christian entertainment and from the very beginning is designed to make visitors feel at ease in addition to being a fascinating and fun time for the membership. Characteristically the event offers a fresh insight to the unchurched that Christians are pretty normal people and know how to have a good time. Ken's portion starts without introduction---a beautiful 20-minute film about Ken and the Beatles produced in Europe by the Evangelical Organization TV Network. This leads into a 20-minute talk/testimony by Ken and then a 20-minute Q&A where the sponsoring Pastor is invited to join Ken on stage to add dimension to the responses. This gives the church a more approachable feel to visitors and most importantly allows the Pastor to control the ending portion of the evening's program. The pastor selects the questioners, can start a dialogue with Ken to highlight Biblical points from his testimony if desired, and allows him/her to regulate the length of the evening and accomplish personal goals for the church ministry in the way the evening closes. A book signing follows which gives attendees a chance to meet Ken in person. Ken's presentation is non-denominational.