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Justin Roberts

Former Army Chaplain, Filmmaker

About Justin Roberts

Justin Roberts began his career as an Army Chaplain after graduating with a bachelors in Speech and Communication from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Also, he received a double masters from Dallas Theological Seminary. Justin and his wife Magen Roberts have two children, Gwenyth Rose and Bennett Ladd. They currently live in Lake Charles, Louisiana. As a young person, Justin Roberts was drawn to serve by powerful influences in his life, specifically in military and ...

"Everyone can talk. Some can tell stories. The best bring you into the story, structure it to educate and lead, and leave you feeling enlightened. Justin is one of the few I have ever seen where I truly could say that I would put him in front of any audience and any time with any level of prep and know unequivocally that he would connect with them."

J.J. Thompson - CEO - Rook Securities
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